Brief History Of Navasco.

07 Jan 2012 no comments Folio 14794

Navrongo Secondary School (NAVASCO) was established in September, 1960 as one of the Ghana Education Trust Schools. It started as a mixed school with 97 students and 4 teachers including the Headmaster Rev. J.K Fiergbor (deceased) and supporting staff of twenty 20.

Commissioning the school formally on 20th October, 1960, the first President of the Republic of Ghana Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, remarked and wrote in the log book that – “this school has a future; I shall watch its progress with keen interest”.

The impact that NAVASCO has made could be described as phenomenal if viewed against the backdrop that it is located in the most deprived part of the country. True to the words of the first president of Ghana, never has there been a Government in this country that did not have a Minister of State, who traced his or her umbilical cord to NAVASCO. What is left is the fulfillment of what the most popular

Headmaster of Navasco Mr. Collins G. MacDonald said; “Navasco would certainly produce a president for Ghana”. There is no Ministry, Department or Agency in this country where one cannot find a NABIA (Old Student of Navasco).